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Standard Door Styles

Standard Door Options


Smart Panel Wood Siding

Smart Panel is a treated, engineered wood siding Manufactured by Louisiana Pacific. It is part of their “Smart System” of building products and is exclusively treated with Smart Guard™ to resist insects and rot. The exterior has a knot free raised wood grain finish, and is pre-primed. Smart Panel is an APA (The Engineered Wood Association) rated exterior siding. Smart Panel sided sheds are all 2x4 framed (24" o/c) and are all available painted or unpainted.

*Unpainted siding is primed and ready for paint.

Top Quality Vinyl Siding

4’ Wide P.T. Ramp (Heavy Duty)... $95.00Installed over ½" CDX Plywood sheathing, choose vinyl siding for a Maintenance Free Vinyl Exterior. Available in an array of different colors to match your house. Vinyl sided sheds utilize ridge vents instead of gable vents and are all 2x4 framed (16" o/c) – typical of house construction.

*Not Available on all the barn style sheds.


All of our sheds come standard with a Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Floor Frame!!

  • Pressure Treated 4 x 4 Skids/Runners
  • Pressure Treated 2 x 4 Floor Joists (spaced 12” o/c)
  • Pressure Treated 2 x 4 Rim Joists/Bands
  • 5/8" CDX Plywood Decking